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KAYO campus recruitment is fully launche2019/05/26

Graduation season arrived, be worrying that for high grade job, introduce an enterprise for you now, harvest the glamour...

KAYO Automation barbecue dinner2019/05/26

On May 11, the company organized a barbecue.At 7:30 in the morning, we will meet at the kaiyang automation downstairs an...

KAYO Automation Alibaba Study Tour2019/04/23

On April 15, I had the honor to participate in ali study tour on behalf of KAYO automation and came to the headquarters of alibaba...

KAYO automatic delivery2019/04/04

Kaiyang automatic delivery, April wuxi spring, all things recovery, full of vitality.Kaiyang workshop is also a busy, production, ...

The 2019 Shanghai Munich electronics sho2019/04/03

March Shanghai, spring flowers bloom, all things recovery.The three-day electronica China exhibition in Munich and Shanghai in 201...

KAYO automation 2019 Shanghai Munich ele2019/03/28

March 20-22, visit Shanghai new international expo center, gathering core electronic products, semiconductors, sensors, connectors...

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