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suction nozzle of pnp machine2019/05/26

The suction nozzle of the SMT machine is not only the key part of the SMT machine for SMT, but also the background when ...

Pick and place machine work-flow2019/03/28

The SMC/SMD components are quickly and accurately affixed to the solder pad position specified by the PCB according to the assembl...

What is the pnp machine2019/03/28

The SMT machine is actually a kind of fine industrial robot, which gives full play to modern fine machinery, electromechanical int...

Ways to improve the speed of placement m2019/03/28

In view of the importance of mounting speed, manufacturers in every possible way to improve the speed of the patch machine, now ch...

Application of placement machine in ele2019/03/28

Electronic information industry is the pillar industry of national economy and national defense construction, the high level of el...

Placement machine is the core of SMT pro2019/03/28

Although an SMT production line includes multiple devices, the SMT mounter is undoubtedly the most critical device in terms of the...

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