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suction nozzle of pnp machine2019/05/26

The suction nozzle of the SMT machine is not only the key part of the SMT machine for SMT, but also the background when ...

KAYO campus recruitment is fully launche2019/05/26

Graduation season arrived, be worrying that for high grade job, introduce an enterprise for you now, harvest the glamour...

KAYO Automation barbecue dinner2019/05/26

On May 11, the company organized a barbecue.At 7:30 in the morning, we will meet at the kaiyang automation downstairs an...

KAYO Automation Alibaba Study Tour2019/04/23

On April 15, I had the honor to participate in ali study tour on behalf of KAYO automation and came to the headquarters of alibaba...

KAYO automatic delivery2019/04/04

Kaiyang automatic delivery, April wuxi spring, all things recovery, full of vitality.Kaiyang workshop is also a busy, production, ...

The 2019 Shanghai Munich electronics sho2019/04/03

March Shanghai, spring flowers bloom, all things recovery.The three-day electronica China exhibition in Munich and Shanghai in 201...

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